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Real Working 24 hrs./7 days
Digitizing Service Charge : US Dollar
Due Date For Sample
$ / 1,000 stitches
1 Day 4.0 $
2 Days 3.0 $
3 Days 2.5 $
Design flaw caused by sewgraph : free editing
Changing the stitch type,density,merge file : free {digitized by us only}
Change design size : decrease in size,free editng : Increase in size, 1-10 % free editng but access stitch count from the original will be added.
Add new digitized design on your design : charge new design only{5 $ / k stitches }.no minimum charge.
Total alteration or re-digitizing of design : charge as a new job
We are pleased to service you and thank you for all of you help.
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